Brad Peebler ha anunciado hoy la disponibilidad del Service Pack 2 de Luxology MODO.

Todos los que sean usuarios registrados del producto, lo podrán encontrar para descarga en sus áreas personales en la web de Luxology.

Los cambios realizados son los siguientes:

Fixed: Potential crash when a dynamic-datatype command using query operators is mapped to a key

Fixed: Potential crash for the collapsed Shader tree popups.

Fixed: Potential crash in UV group bevel when polygons in the group are partially mapped.

Improved: Stat command text value hints.

Fixed: OpenEXR channel names can’t be more than 32 characters long, channel name is now truncated.

Improved: SDK docs.

Fixed: Potential crash in the color picker.

Fixed: Potential crash saving color presets.

Fixed: Potential crash when loading presets or scenes that contain the same images.

Fixed: Potential crash when attempting to network render with multiple frame passes.

Improved: rayGL offset in light views.

Fixed: Added missing command in environment contextual popup.

Fixed: Potential crash in texture baking.

Fixed: Source of NaNs in renders with fur and/or curves.

Improved: Third party help menu options.

Fixed: Assemblies saved as presets potential cause crash in modo when re-opened.

Fixed: Potential crash bug with patch tool.

Fixed: Adding extra point using Add Point tool when the target polygon is line.

Fixed: Layered EXR files still have some problems with default render output names.

Improved: Sending lines over telnet.

Fixed: Potential crash from SWKit with long item list names.

Fixed: Various small bug fixes to resolve crashing and improve stability.


  1. mar 25, 2011
    8:35 am



  2. mar 25, 2011
    11:21 am

    José Vergara

    Esta tarde lo descargo yo también.

  3. abr 12, 2011
    8:57 am

    Cristóbal Vila

    Imagino que ya habréis visto que la semana pasada sacaron una 501 SP2 r2

    • abr 12, 2011
      10:49 am

      José Vergara

      Sí, eso leí, pero no he tenido tiempo de ponerlo. Ando muy liado con asuntos personales. Gracias de todas maneras por el aviso, Cristobal.

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