Brad Peebler ha anunciado hoy la disponibilidad del Service Pack 3 de Luxology MODO 501.

Todos los que sean usuarios registrados del producto, lo podrán encontrar para descarga en sus áreas personales en la web de Luxology.

Los cambios realizados son los siguientes:

Improved: COLLADA import to support envelope curve weighting.

Fixed: Incorrect behavior with element action axis in some cases of edge element.

Fixed: Potential crash when clicking in an edit field with a popup open.

Fixed: Problem with geometry constrain with screen mode.

Fixed: Potential crash when MDDs are driving replicator point source.

Fixed: Incorrect behavior with pen tool wall mode.

Fixed: Restored “Item Transform” macro, fixing ctrl-y key assignment.

Improved: Dialog management from failed queries when using telnet, making telnet more useful for automated operations.

Fixed: Issue with deformed displacement freeze.

Fixed: viewport.tag’s “remove” argument.

Fixed: Issue with item effector with hierarchy mode.

Fixed: Incorrect behavior for smooth shift tool with thicken mode.

Fixed: Preview navigation bug.

Fixed: Issue with color picker not updating when the color was changed outside of the picker itself.

Fixed: Issue where swapping colors in color picker might not cause the UI to update properly.

Fixed: Issue with UV offset.

Fixed: Incorrect behavior when subdividing the solid sketch skeleton.

Fixed: Issue with PNG loader handling 16-bit grayscale with alpha.

Fixed: Potential crash with clone effector.

Fixed: Radial sweep and radial array missing auto action center.

Fixed: Issue with bezier curve and generator.

Fixed: Disabled shader overwriting when the layer mask is at the top of a group.

Fixed: Issue with COLLADA refuses to load a scene file exported from Esko.

Fixed: Potential crash with airbrush falloff on UV space.

Fixed: Issue with shader masking bug.

Improved: Made rayGL match the openGL up axis.

Improved: Painting in UV view.

Fixed: Issue with shader slicing for shaders using a group mask.

Fixed: Issue with element falloff tool on polygon mode.

Fixed: Potential crash when closing a file when mouse over tree.

Fixed: Issue with occlusion textures on replicated items.

Fixed: Issue with deformed meshes displayed in 3D viewports.

Fixed: Potential crash when using the bridge tool.

Fixed: Issue with the paint tool creating one image for each stroke under certain conditions.

Improved: Render output testing in a threaded context.

Fixed: Potential crash when using group bevel with a falloff tool.

Fixed: Potential crash in item popup functions of clone family effector tools when cinema is flux.

Fixed: Potential crash with a selection set command with item mode.

Fixed: Issue with initial bend spine on custom workplane.

Fixed: Potential crash with adaptive subdivision.

Fixed: Issue with loop slice.

Fixed: Potential crash with Drag & Drop in Cocoa.

Fixed: Potential crash with text polygon.

Improved: Rhino support for 501.

Fixed: Incorrect behavior when deleting edges.

Fixed: Issue with preview updating on group locator animation changes.

Fixed: Potential crash with image ink tool.

Fixed: Potential crash with bridge tool for multi-resolution mesh.

Fixed: Issue with bump in certain renders.

Fixed: Potential crash with folder names.

Fixed: Potential crash when saving images.

Fixed: Potential crash with mesh binning.

Fixed: Issue on Windows where the alt key triggers system menus when dismissing an inline edit field.

Fixed: Various bug fixes to resolve crashing and improve stability.


  1. jun 16, 2011
    6:41 pm

    Cristóbal Vila

    Hola José.
    Sólo un intento para ver si puedo dejar mensajes.
    Parece que por aquí todo va bien.
    Antes, la primera vez que he visto que te daba problemas yo he mirado y me iba todo bien. Sólo en una ocasión (hace como una hora) una de las veces que ha cargado una de las páginas me salía un error de SQL en la parte superior…

  2. jun 16, 2011
    6:53 pm

    José Vergara

    Lo del error SQL a mi me sale de una manera aleatoria y curiosamente al recargar la página desaparece.

  3. oct 22, 2011
    2:12 am


    para mi el modo es algo muy interesante `por que uno puede aser treas po alli

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